Custom Orthotics for a Customized Life

What do a long-distance runner and a factory worker who must stick around at a station all day have in common? Well, both are likely quite dedicated to what they do; that’s true. But it’s not the reason we’re here. What they both have in common is that...

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Sports Injuries – You Make the Call

With the prominence of smartphones—to the point the actual term “smartphone” is almost completely obsolete and has been replaced with just “phone”—the days of using fold-up maps from a gas station are almost a distant memory. This doesn’t mean that maps...

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Ingrown Toenail Surgery

Not all cases of ingrown toenails require surgery, yet some do. Why is this such a problem that surgical intervention is sometimes needed? Let's start by looking at ingrown toenail symptoms and how they can make life miserable. How Ingrown Toenails Happen...

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Fungal Toenail Treatments

There are very few problems in life where ignoring them and hoping they go away works. Even in those rare instances when you can get away with it, it is still better to take the initiative and responsibility to address them. This is important in so many...

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Why Your Toenails Turned Yellow

When your nails start turning yellow—and especially if they also become ragged, crumbly, and distorted—it's an indication of a fungal infection. We know the thought of fungus growing on your body might make your skin crawl, but hopefully it will help at...

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