Sports Injuries – You Make the Call

Apr 26, 2018

With the prominence of smartphones—to the point the actual term “smartphone” is almost completely obsolete and has been replaced with just “phone”—the days of using fold-up maps from a gas station are almost a distant memory.

This doesn’t mean that maps aren’t still useful – they’re just presented in a new, digital manner!

When it comes to common foot problems, it is important to locate the source of pain or impaired functionality so you can receive the treatment you need! Think of this quiz as a digital ‘map’ to understanding your sports injuries. With that in mind, this quiz might help you understand what is wrong:

Is the pain in the forefoot? – If “no,” move ahead. If “yes,” keep reading.

The forefoot contains the toes and the metatarsal bones (the long, skinny ones that run lengthwise). If the pain is located in the joint of the big toe, you are likely looking at gout, a bunion, or possibly an arthritic condition.

In gout, the pain tends to be sporadic. Now, this isn’t necessarily a sports injury, but it can inhibit your ability to perform in athletic competition and other physical activities.

Bunions were once thought to be caused by women’s footwear, but an excessive pronation pattern can cause one to develop as well. This is especially true with a flatfoot condition. Even though women’s shoes are off the hook, females are more likely to develop bunions than males.

Unless we are talking about post-trauma arthritis—the kind sustained after a broken bone (often in a joint)—this also isn’t necessarily an athletic injury, yet it’s one that can make physical activity difficult. Now, this might seem counterintuitive, but physical activities are actually good for arthritis. They can strengthen muscles, increase range of motion, and improve flexibility.

If you are experiencing pain between the third and fourth toes, it might be a Morton’s neuroma, especially if the pain is burning, tingling, or it feels like you are stepping on a stone.


Is the pain in the midfoot? – If “no,” move ahead. If “yes,” keep reading.

Midfoot pain could be an indication of a Lisfranc injury, especially if the foot twisted in an awkward fashion. Should this be the case, the foot will be swollen and bruised. The nature of Lisfranc injuries differ – and they can be sprains, strains, or fractures.

Arthritic conditions can also cause issues in this area, since the Lisfranc joint complex, obviously, contains several of the many joints in the foot.

Is the pain in the back of the foot? – If “no,” move ahead. If “yes,” keep reading.

The back of the foot contains both the heel and ankle, two common areas for injuries that lead to pain. If your pain is in the heel, especially if it’s strongest in the morning, you may have plantar fasciitis. This can be accompanied by a heel spur, which may contribute to the pain.

Achilles tendinitis is also quite common and could lead to pain in the back of your foot. The pain is often most severe during and immediately after physical activity. Conservative care is often able to effectively treat this injury.

Is the pain in the ankle? – If “yes,” keep reading.

Ankle sprains are simply one of the most common injuries humans sustain. This can certainly be attributed to the fairly fragile nature of this highly important joint. They happen when ligaments are stretched beyond their intended range when a foot twists too far on the horizontal plane.

Now that you understand why your foot hurts, it’s time to take action and do something about it! Schedule your appointment today with McVay Podiatry and let our professionals provide the treatment you need for common foot problems (and uncommon ones too!). Contact us by calling (719) 266-5000 or connect with McVay Foot & Ankle through our online form right now.

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