Valet Services

Making In-Office Appointments Safer with Requested Valet Services

Even during a pandemic, there will always be critical foot care needs that require in-person treatment. At the same time, you want to protect yourself and your family while you receive them.

So, what can you do to get the care you need AND keep everyone safe?

We have the answer:

Request a Valet Medical Service Appointment!

Requesting valet services provides a safer way of getting the care you need while minimizing exposure to others. On top of that, we have ramped up our already stringent standards of cleanliness to create as safe an environment for your care as possible.

Please Note: You must request Valet Services when scheduling your appointment. If you do not, we will assume you are requesting a standard in-office appointment.

What does it mean to request valet medical service?

Essentially, we are referring to measures our team takes to minimize your time spent in our office and around others.

At McVay Foot & Ankle, these include:

  • Confirming you have arrived. When you arrive at our office for an appointment, stay in your car and call us to let us know of your arrival. When your exam room is prepared, we will call you when an exam room is ready, bypassing the waiting room
  • Allowing only the patient into the office. Family members and other guests must remain outside. The exception is having one parent or guardian to accompany a minor.
  • Thoroughly cleaning exam rooms and other exposed areas between patients. And providing enough time between appointments to do so well.
  • Requiring patients to wear a face covering while in the office. Staff is also placed under the same expectations.
Man checkin in on his phone waiting in his car for his appointment

Who should request this service?

Valet services are a great choice for patients who:

  • Must come to the office for a specific treatment that cannot be handled remotely via telemedicine.
  • Are considered “high risk” for COVID-19 or any other severe infectious diseases that could pose special health risks (or live with someone who is).

If your appointment does not require an in-person visit (many initial consults and follow-up appointments fall into this category), telemedicine may be a better choice for you.

Please review our service page on telemedicine or call our office if you have any questions about this service. We can help you determine the best and safest route for your needs.

Protect your health AND get the care you need!

Exceptional foot care should not be out of reach during a community disease outbreak, or for people who are immunocompromised (etc.).

McVay Foot & Ankle is leading the way in the greater Colorado Springs community when it comes to providing high quality medical services without putting you or your loved ones at unnecessary risk.

If you want to schedule an appointment (or reschedule an existing appointment), simply fill out this form to contact us:

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