Custom Orthotics for a Customized Life

May 24, 2018

What do a long-distance runner and a factory worker who must stick around at a station all day have in common?

Well, both are likely quite dedicated to what they do; that’s true. But it’s not the reason we’re here.

What they both have in common is that each is at higher risk for developing foot pain.

Painful foot and heel problems are not restricted to just one type of lifestyle. For just one example, a runner endures the impact of their feet pounding the pavement over time, which can place too much stress on the plantar fascia along the bottom of the foot, resulting in heel pain.

However, a factory worker can also suffer from plantar fasciitis by staying on their feet or standing in certain positions throughout the day. It’s a different from of stress being placed on their feet, but one that leads to a similar type of pain.

And that doesn’t yet even bring the shape of one’s feet into play! An abnormal foot shape may make one person more susceptible to foot pain than another with the same job or hobbies. And no two feet are the same, so the vulnerabilities may have different locations and different sources!

So when it comes to the comfort of your feet, what you do and the shape of your feet matter—but it also shouldn’t stop you from doing what you like whenever possible!

That’s where custom orthotics come in. In many cases where stress is causing pain and discomfort, orthotics can provide support and correction where it’s needed.

And in certain situations, a pre-fabricated insert just might not cut it.

Heel Pain

Our Approach to Orthotics

There are plenty of options out there when it comes to orthotics, and we are not going to tell you that a pre-fabricated insert will never provide anyone the relief they are seeking.

In fact, in many cases we will suggest trying a pre-made choice first before attempting a more advanced item. This can be especially true for children who need orthotic support, as their feet don’t tend to stay at one size for very long!

But none of this means you should just go to the store and hop on one of those foot kiosks!

Even pre-fabricated orthotics have a wide variety of consistencies and qualities, so just grabbing a likely choice at the pharmacy is not recommended. Even with this option, your lifestyle, foot shape, and family history matter a ton, and a full examination with us will provide you the guidance of an expert who will suggest the best options for your particular needs.

But let’s say that a pre-made insert just isn’t enough to address your foot pain fully, or we determine from the start that you definitely need more specialized equipment.

The time may then come to fit you with a custom-made orthotic device. We will have to capture the image of your foot’s unique shape to do so. We do this either through the use of a computer scanner or, in some cases, the use of a plaster mold.

Your data is then used to create your orthotic—one that is truly unique to you (not that we would expect you to go around sharing it).

Additional factors such as the forces you place on your feet and your lifestyle may also have an influence on the final shape of the orthotic. One that goes into a work boot, for example, might be a little different from one planned for an athletic shoe.

Once an orthotic is completed, we call you back to the office for a proper fitting, making any final tweaks, if needed. There may even be a few additional adjustments that may be made once you have spent a little real-life time in an orthotic as well, so never hesitate to call us if things are not feeling as right as you might expect!

The Best Orthotic Choices in the Colorado Springs Area

Orthotics are not the only option for treating all of the foot and ankle problems out there, but they are frequently on the table when foot shape abnormalities, gait abnormalities, or stresses are causing discomfort.

When you come to McVay Foot & Ankle, you will receive attention and care based on the best needs for your life; not a one-size-fits-all treatment. That naturally holds true for orthotics too, as the wrong choices can even cause more harm than good.

Whether you’re an athlete or a sports fan, a floor worker or a CEO, let us be your expert choice when your feet or ankles are in pain! Call our office at (719) 266-5000 or fill out our online contact form to schedule an appointment with us.

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