Are Good Feet Really in Store with Some Orthotics Providers?

by | Mar 2, 2020

You likely know by now that not everything you see on TV should be taken at face value. Of course, we should probably add the Internet to that, too—and double it.

But when you are searching for something like help for chronic foot pain, many advertised solutions can look appealing. This includes places like The Good Feet Store and other outlets that say they specialize in arch supports and orthotics.

Such places often promote the wide variety of devices they have, and how they take the time to learn about you to find the right pair of orthoses for your needs.

This is well and good. But, in our opinion, it’s simply not enough service—especially at the prices these stores often charge!

What Goes into Choosing the Right Orthotics?

At a Good Feet Store location, they aren’t just picking arch supports off the shelf at random for you. They deserve that much credit.

They may ask you to walk on carbon paper to see how your foot makes contact with the ground. They may also talk with you about your activities and work, and how your foot pain is affecting your life.

These are good steps in an evaluation, but there is one thing an “arch support specialist” is not able to provide: an actual diagnosis of what is ailing your feet!

Orthotics can be very effective when prescribed and used properly, but they are not the solution to every cause of foot or heel pain out there. Some cases require other forms of treatment, such as rest or physical therapy. Orthotics might even be recommended in addition to other treatments for best results.

The best way to know how to properly address your foot pain—and often save a ton of time in the process—is with the help of a specialist who has had years of education and training in the matter.

That’s why we’re here: to provide the personal, specialized care to meet each patient’s needs—regardless of what that treatment may be. The ultimate goal of other places is to send you home in a pair of their arch supports, period. If they are the wrong supports, they can cause more harm than good.

And the cost of those supports? Well…

Prefabricated Orthotics Have a Place—And a Price

We are not saying orthotics offered at The Good Feet Store are incapable of helping someone. When the right inserts are found and used, they can have a substantial positive effect on someone’s comfort.

In fact, we also recommend prefabricated inserts to some patients. We recognize that not everyone may need custom-made orthotics, and a pair of good pre-made inserts properly fitted to a patient may often provide a great result.

Here’s the thing, though:

The difference between them and us is that their pre-fabricated orthotics can cost $500 and up (since they will often recommend a “system” of several inserts to wear throughout the day). Our pre-made orthotics are of similar or better quality, from brands we have vetted and trust, and can cost several times less. We also have the tools to provide the best fit possible for our devices.

If you want to take your Good Feet inserts back to the store for a refund, you’ll find you might only get part of your money back, at best. Much of the time, your money will get locked into store credit and exchanges, sending you on a quest for inserts that work better.

We Provide Custom Orthotics, When Needed

As we noted earlier, some patients have a condition so unique or severe that pre-fabricated orthotics likely aren’t going to do the job very well.

The feet are precise organic structures, and sometimes very precise amounts of cushioning and corrective support are needed to properly address an issue. There can also be special deformities in the picture, such as bunions or hammertoes, where weight may need to be distributed away from them instead of more evenly over the foot.

When such considerations need to be made, the stores can’t help you much. You need a foot and ankle expert who can specifically diagnose the problem and provide the right customizations.

A custom orthotic is prescribed on an individual patient basis, much like eyeglasses are. We create a prescription using a mold or digital model of your feet, then send it to a lab for creation to exact specifications. Once they come back, we ensure they are correct and fit properly, then provide future adjustments, refurbishment, and replacements as necessary.

Plus, with insurance, your custom orthotics can cost similar to or less than what stores may charge for pre-fabs!

Get the Right Help the First Time

What’s the moral of the story? When you want help for foot or ankle pain, you are best off going to a trusted, trained, and accredited specialist. We can determine the root causes of your discomfort, and address them in the ways that will best suit your needs. Our reputation relies on it!

Call our Colorado Springs office at (719) 266-5000 to schedule an appointment and take the first steps toward comfort. If you prefer to contact us electronically instead, fill out our online contact form and a member of our staff will respond during our normal business hours.

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